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Site updated April 26, 2001


Bay filly
Foaled April 25, 2001

Just as happens in humans, sometimes nature plays a trick on us and produces a midget or dwarf. This filly gets her name because my wife, Carol, upon seeing her said, her mouth looks like Sammy Davis Junior! It is amazing how much attention a dwarf attracts when people visit. Although they are a fluke of nature, there is something very captivating about them, looking more like a stuffed animal that you would find on a child's bed, rather than a live animal. There are many forms of dwarfism, some mild, and some so severe, that there is no alternative to putting them to sleep. Dwarfs generally do not live long lives because frequently they have internal problems that match the external abnormalities. However, I have heard of some that have lived into their teens, but they are the exception rather than the rule. They are not eligible for registration and are generally pampered pets.

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