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Site updated October 16, 2001

Little America's Tex Hallelujah

Bay Appaloosa Filly
Foaled April 13, 2001

Sire: Little America's Sesquicentennial Tex 32"
by Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest
by Orion-Light Van't Huttenest
Dam: Flying W Farms Satin Doll 30"

I was waiting anxiously for this filly to arrive before I was to leave for THE Miniature Event in Lufkin. Satin Doll had been pacing for hours and I knew that she was very close to having her foal. At 4:26 A.M. the beeper went off and a minute later this little package was laying at my feet! I said, Hallelujah Jubilee! Decided that would make a great name, but was a little too long, so decided on Tex Hallelujah. This filly belongs to our daughter, Lisa Taylor, who owns Satin Doll, who, by the way is twenty-one years old! We haven't decided yet if we will sell this filly, but am leaning towards keeping her to take her mother's place in our broodmare band ultimately.

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